e eu queria escrever em espanhol, mas só sei inglês

/ terça-feira, 2 de novembro de 2010 /
You sit your pert ass on the edge of the desk, spread your legs, and begin to trace your delicate fingers across your ruby lips…down your chin… across your neck… over your collarbone… between your small breasts… around your incredibly hard nipples… eventually navigating the topography of your stomach to the thin strip of soft hair guarding the entrance to your pleasure. It is both agony and ecstasy for me to watch.
But I see that keen eye of yours zeroing in on me, and that unmistakable lump in my suit pants. You know that lump. It is by you, for you, and eventually, of you. I loosen my belt (one you’ll want used on you later), and unbutton, relieving a little of the pressure, but not quite enough to make me fully comfortable. Still, you like that pressure building, just for you.
Eu escrevi isso pra você. Demorou, por que você me disse que gostava de coisas em outro idioma e o único que eu sei, além do nosso, é inglês. E, mesmo assim, demorou de tão difícil. Mas eu nunca vou ter coragem de te mostrar :)

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